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DSCSA: Saleable Returns Verification

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) Traceability Seminar that was held back in early November was so packed with valuable information that I still have a number of topics queued up from that event for RxTrace essays in the future.  Today I want to take a closer look at the results of the Saleable Returns Pilots conducted by the HDA last year to figure out the most efficient way to verify saleable returns.  I discussed the overall project in my report of the Traceability Seminar (see “HDA Delivers Home Run To Record-Breaking Audience”) but today I want to focus in on just two of the approaches piloted.  These are:

  • Manufacturer sends to wholesale distributor product identifiers for only the units purchased by that wholesale distributor, and,
  • Verification Router Service (VRS).

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U.S. Drug Wholesale Distributors Provide Direction To Manufacturers

Providing "direction"Over the next few years, the U.S. drug wholesale distributors are going to start dictating their specific requirements related to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) to their suppliers.  For the “Big 3” U.S. wholesale distributors, those suppliers happen to be nearly every drug manufacturer who markets drugs in the United States.  The “Big 3” include McKesson, AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal Health, which together distribute about 85% of all drugs that pass through the domestic supply chain.

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Wholesaler Confusion Over DSCSA Aggregation Explained

iStock_000028920134XSmallWhile listening to a monthly Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) call hosted by one of the Big-3 wholesale distributors I heard a comment that snapped me out of my conference call-induced stupor.  Unfortunately I was in a location where I could not take notes so I don’t remember the exact comments that were made, but I remember what it was that brought me back to full consciousness.

The comment made me realize in a jolt why the Big-3—or at least the one running this monthly call—may be unwilling to give up on their claims that they will need aggregation data to accompany shipments of prescription drugs from manufacturers as early as November 2019.  It may have to do with a mis-interpretation of their handling of saleable returned product within the DSCSA.  Let me explain. Continue reading Wholesaler Confusion Over DSCSA Aggregation Explained