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Reason #1:  Because it’s safe.  Cancel any time and get a refund.

iStock_000025297172_SmallerWhat if the effective dates of the regulations get pushed way out again?  What if you get reassigned to a position unrelated to pharma serialization and traceability before your paid subscription is done?  What if you feel that the value you get from reading RxTrace has declined?

No problem.  You can easily cancel your subscription and get a pro-rated refund at any time and for any reason…or no reason.  Just send me an email and tell me to cancel your subscription.  That’s it!  No questions asked.  No need to explain.

If you paid with a credit card, the refund of the remaining value will be placed back on that card.  For subscriptions that are paid through an invoice, I will send you a check for the remaining value.  And either way, if you were lucky enough to have received my book as a a limited time incentive for subscribing, you get to keep it!

You can’t lose.  Subscribe today and get our new low price at:  https://www.rxtrace.com/subscribe-to-rxtrace/

I hope you’ll agree that a full year subscription to RxTrace brings more value over the year than attending a serialization conference…and it’s a whole lot cheaper too.

Reason #2:  Elevate the consciousness of your cross-functional serialization team with a Corporate Subscription.

To be successful, you need all of the members of your cross-functional serialization team to be on the same page, including:

  • senior management champion;
  • steering committee members;
  • project management;
  • operations;
  • quality and regulatory;
  • legal;
  • supply chain;
  • engineering;
  • packaging;
  • warehouse staff;
  • security;
  • EDI staff;
  • master data management;
  • IT;
  • customer service;

They all need to understand what the real goals are, what the challenges are, what the requirements are, what the technology is to meet them, how the industry got where it is today, and what the current thinking is in the industry about all of the above.  You need to infuse knowledge of how serialization will change your business in just the next few years deeply into your organization.

All of your team members need access to RxTrace.  Your life will be easier if everyone follows the discussion.  The debates initiated by RxTrace essays will lead to better informed team members, which will lead to better decisions and ultimately improve the odds your solution will be successful.

Get a corporate subscription to RxTrace for the cost of only four individual subscriptions.  After that, RxTrace is open to everyone in your email domain for the term of the corporate subscription.  For an explanation of how to initiate a Corporate Subscription, see https://www.rxtrace.com/subscribe-to-rxtrace/#Corp.  Find the section titled “Corporate Discounted, One Year“.

Reason #3:  Government and educational organizations get FREE ACCESS to RxTrace!

iStock_000003312310_SmallerThat’s right!  If you work for any government agency in any local, state or federal government in the world, or if you are a full-time student or member of the faculty or staff of any educational institution, all you have to do is register for a free unlimited, all access subscription to RxTrace.  It’s easy.

To find out how get your free access, see https://www.rxtrace.com/subscribe-to-rxtrace/#GovEd and find the section titled “Educational and Government“.

Reason #4:  Non-Profit organizations get a heavily discounted subscription to RxTrace!

Subscriptions for your non-profit organization cost the same as one individual subscription.  But in your case, the subscription covers all employees of your organization (sorry, does not include the members of your organization).  Employees get full, unlimited access to RxTrace for the duration of the non-profit subscription!  It’s a great deal that is specifically aimed at organizations like GS1 and their member organizations, HIBCC, HDMA, NACDS, PhRMA, NCPDP, NCPA, HCSA, BIO, EFPIA, Interfarma, Sindusfarma, and others around the globe like these, but any non-profit organization will qualify.

To find out how to get your non-profit subscription at our new low prices, see https://www.rxtrace.com/subscribe-to-rxtrace/#NonProfit and find the section titled “Non-Profit Organization, Annual“.


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