Welcome to rxTrace

My intent for this blog is to publish my personal ideas and opinions regarding technology issues related to regulatory compliance within the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain. I hope to cover topics like GS1 Standards, pedigree, track and trace, and issues surrounding those things, using publicly available information. This blog contains my own ideas and opinions and not those of my current or former employers and so I am solely responsible for them.

In general, the more ideas presented for consideration, the better. Most ideas will end up in the scrap heap. When I present ideas here and elsewhere, I try not to worry whether or not they might end up being rejected, because sometimes an idea that sounds bad initially can turn out to be the most innovative. Sitting on it for fear that it will be rejected would limit the chances of discovering the best idea.

All ideas benefit from collaboration with other people where they can be refined into better ideas. I hope my readers will respond often with refinements and counter-ideas. Please don’t hesitate to respond.

Thanks for reading. I hope this blog remains interesting to you.

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