Just Released – The HDMA EDI ASN Guidance For DSCSA

NOTICE:  The HDMA has updated this guideline again only a few months after this essay was published.  Please see “HDMA Has Updated Their EDI ASN Guidance For DSCSA, Again” for additional information.  — Dirk. The Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) has just published their much anticipated new guidance on applying the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

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3 thoughts on “Just Released – The HDMA EDI ASN Guidance For DSCSA”

  1. Dirk, in lieu of doing the detailed analysis myself, I’m wondering if your or anyone else has determined if the HDMA format is the same, or similar to the ASN format McKesson recently published.

    1. Matt,
      That’s an excellent question. I’ve looked at the two and they have similarities, but the HDMA document, at 100 pages, makes it more clear which changes are intended to make the ASN compliant with the DSCSA. That includes the inclusion of the N3 and N4 segments under the N1 ShipTo and ShipFrom segments. The phrase that McKesson includes within the YNQ segment is different, although the HDMA acknowledges that this phrase would be negotiated with your trading partner, and McKesson’s document admits that the exact phrase is “yet to be finalized”. The HDMA document provides actual examples in two different scenarios, which are very helpful for understanding. McKesson’s is just the technical specification for each segment without the explanation you really need.

      Now that the HDMA document is out, my bet is that McKesson will update theirs to reflect what is unique about their requirements over the HDMA “standard” specification to provide more clarity. Hopefully all of the wholesalers will do the same. In any case, I think you are going to want to get a copy of the HDMA doc.


  2. Does anyone have any info on what the Retailers (Rite Aid, Walmart, Walgreens etc) will be doing for ASN’s and DSCSA?

    Will they follow the HDMA lead for pave their own road?

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