Rest Up, 2014 Will Be Very Busy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI really enjoy this time of year because business demands usually slow down enough to allow for me to catch up on some things I have neglected, review the year and do some planning for the coming year.  I always take time to backup my computers and clean out my email.  I do a lot of introspective thinking during the last two weeks of the year, and I normally like to do some writing that is way outside my normal fare.  This year I may not have time for some of that because we plan to spend a lot of time with our family.  I hope you are able to do that too.

Next year looks like it is going to be very busy for those who follow RxTrace because most will need to devise their plan of attack for addressing the January 1, 2015 requirements of the supply chain provisions of the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA).  I am planning a lot of new writing on DQSA topics for RxTrace in 2014.  Many of the topics I have covered over the years that were related to the California pedigree law can be covered again, but this time with the DQSA perspective instead.  I also have some special topics that I am excited about covering.  I have several interviews of people who have some very innovative ideas that I will publish.  And, of course, I will do several essays on the results of the 2014 RxTrace U.S. Pharma Traceability Survey.

The traceability survey is still open for people to register their opinions.  Click on this link or the banner below to fill it out now.2014 Traceability Survey Banner.556x93  I will close the survey in the next week or so, so don’t wait.  It is an anonymous survey that simply attempts to collect the current thinking within the industry on questions related to pharmaceutical track & trace in the United States.

Later in the year I am planning a special ad campaign to collect donations for the annual Pelotonia cancer research fundraiser.  I have lots of new ideas for next year so watch for those.  I successfully dodged cancer in 2013 but they had to use a scalpel to help me do it.  I’ve been lucky and I hope that luck continues.  As long as it does I want to help the medical, pharma and biotech professions learn everything they can about cancer so we can find new and better treatments that will help more people dodge it like I did.

2014 is going to be big—bigger than 2013 was—so rest up this week and enjoy the parties while you can.  I’m going to!

Merry Christmas,

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