PDMA Lawsuit Resolved?

I recently read in Pharmaceutical Commerce online magazine about the apparent resolution of the RxUSA lawsuit that had delayed implementaton of a couple of the pedigree provisions of the Federal PDMA (Prescription Drug Marketing Act).  While Pharmaceutical Commerce did its usual great job of providing historical context, I thought it might be an appropriate topic for the RxTrace blog.  But before I had time to document the history of the PDMA in my own words, Brian Daleiden beat me to it in the Supply Network Blog.  So rather than writing my own version, I gladly refer you to his post.  Between the Pharmaceutical Commerce article and Brian’s post, I have nothing more to say right now.

The Supply Network Blog is a fairly new publication of TraceLink, the successor to SupplyScape, my former employer.  I look forward to hearing more from their blog in the future so I recently subscribed.  Check it out and see what you think.

One thought on “PDMA Lawsuit Resolved?”

  1. Dirk…it is a rare day indeed when I beat you to topical and insightful news!

    I do think that the question of "what's next" for PDMA ties very nicely into your previous post "What are Pedigree Laws Trying to Accomplish…".

    As you and I (and others) have always said, something like pedigree is a means to an end. So, the same question can be asked about PDMA. Exactly what end result should this target vis-a-vis other efforts of the FDA, Congress and the like? Back in '87/'88, this was virtually the only game in town when it came to track and trace.

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