Return Of Two Classics

Today I am republishing one of my long lost classic essays, “Who Will Decide Which Pedigree Model You Will Invest In?“.  This essay was first published on November 15, 2010 but was removed from public view in December of that year.  Next week I will republish the second long lost essay, “Standards and Guidance For U.S. Pharma Supply Chain Technology“, originally published on November 22, 2010.  Both of these essay contain my thoughts on how the industry will eventually resolve the current confusion over which approach to ePedigree everyone in the U.S. supply chain should take.  Check them out and see if you agree or not.  Feel free to leave a comment to explain your take on this important question.

Today also marks the first day my consulting business is open for business.  See “Announcing, Dirk Rodgers Consulting, LLC” and my consulting website.

I hope your summer is going well.  I’ve done some traveling and a lot of bike training for the Pelotonia.  Stay tuned for the fall RxTrace writing season coming in September.


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