India’s Pharma Export Regulations Update And The NECC Story

I was more than a little disappointed when I saw that had beaten me in a race to publish an essay/article about the new crazy serialization and traceability requirements published last week by the government of India.  That was to be my topic for next Monday.  But after reading their excellent coverage—received just as

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One thought on “India’s Pharma Export Regulations Update And The NECC Story”

  1. Hi,

    India is a land of cows and more buffaloes. That moves slowly. Every industry loathes legislation. Only way to get Indian industry moving is to give a deadline, wake up all slumbering and imagining that things can be got postponed and give extensions based on the progress industry makes. This way at least it will be done eventually. Else it will be a non starter. so what government done is wonderful. I welcome it!!

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