Pharma Serialization: Going Totally Global Soon

One of the best sessions during last week’s LogiPharma conference held in Princeton, NJ was called “Staging Your Implementation To Meet The 2017 Deadline”.  The “deadline” refers to the November 27, 2017 deadline for drug manufacturers to apply unique serial numbers to all drug packages and cases shipped into the U.S. market as required in

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3 thoughts on “Pharma Serialization: Going Totally Global Soon”

  1. Dirk,

    Excellent observation regarding the uniqueness of the serialization requirements for both China and Brazil. I loved how easy you described the shortcomings of their serialization approach. If only their governments representatives understood this…

    1. Pamela,
      Yeah, for a long time I wanted to write a much longer analysis of the serialization approaches of Brazil and China in an attempt to shame those governments into accepting a global standards-based approach, but I decided RxTrace is probably not the right forum for that. It’s probably too late for that anyway. The hope is that any country, like those I listed that do not (yet) have requirements, that might announce new requirements in the future will do their homework before producing home-grown requirements. We can only hope.


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