RxTrace, One Year Retrospective

RxTrace is now one year old.  There are 34 essays that together amount to a true liberal exploration of the intersection between the pharmaceutical supply chain, track and trace technology, standards and regulatory compliance…as promised.

My personal favorite essays from the past year, in chronological sequence are:

Since late January I have been collecting some statistics on page views on RxTrace and here is the list of the essays in the sequence of page views since that time. Of course, these results are a little skewed because essays published prior to January did not benefit from their initial rush of page views, but some of those continue to get a regular cadence of views.  For example, it is remarkable that the continual interest in “The Florida Pedigree Law” essay–first published last August–places it in the #4 position since January.

  1. RFID is DEAD…at Unit-Level in Pharma
  2. WAR: GS1 Vs. HIBCC
  3. FDA Aligns with GS1 SGTIN For SNDC
  4. The Florida Pedigree Law
  5. So a customer demands that you use GLN’s and GTIN’s. What next?
  6. Will The Pharma Supply Chain Find Any Value In GS1 Discovery Services?
  7. The Modern Pharmaceutical Wholesaler and the Approaching Transformation
  8. The Deputized Supply Chain
  9. Inference in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
  10. California Pedigree Law: Historic Change to Commerce
  11. Supply Chain Data Synchronization and Patient Safety
  12. Will The Pharma Supply Chain Be Able To Use Inference? Maybe Not!
  13. Innovation and the “Authenticating Wholesaler” Idea
  14. The California Pedigree Law
  15. “Why the rush for GS1 standards?”
  16. “The State of Healthcare Logistics”
  17. The “Normal Distribution” Concept
  18. What are Pedigree Laws Trying to Accomplish Anyway?
  19. How to Stop Pharmaceutical Cargo Theft
  20. Who’s Responsible for Global Supply Chain Security?
  21. Who owns supply chain visibility data?
  22. The Importance of Standards
  23. Master Data, Supply Chain Master Data and Instance Data
  24. Charles “Chuck” Schramek (1945 – 2010)
  25. The Legitimate and Illegitimate Supply Chains
  26. Digital Signatures
  27. Use of GLN and GTIN for Pedigree Regulatory Compliance
  28. Pedigree Models and Supply Chain Master Data
  29. Dangerous Doses
  30. PDMA Lawsuit Resolved?
  31. GS1
  32. Fundamental Law of Commerce
  33. New Layout for RxTrace
  34. Subscribing to RxTrace

I’ve covered a lot of ground in those 34 essays and received a lot of great comments in response.   There are a lot of topics I want to cover in the next 12 months, including:

  • GS1 Tag Data Standard 1.5
  • More on Pedigree Models
  • More on GS1 Standards
  • My “Semi-Centralized, Semi-Distributed” Pedigree Model idea
  • GS1 “Process” Standards
  • What HIBCC can do to remain relevant in a GS1 world
  • The Problem of Counterfeit Drugs around the world and the widely varying ideas to block them
  • The BRIDGE Project and its wealth of documentation
  • Review of federal pedigree legislation introduced (if/when introduced)
  • Review of future FDA pedigree or track and trace guidance (if/when published)
  • Review of future publications from GS1, HDMA and HIBCC
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain organization and dynamics related to supply chain integrity and security
  • More on the vast implications of wide-spread serilization and carrier technology choices

So if you are not yet a subscriber, enter your email address in the subscription box in the upper left corner of this page and stay tuned.


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