The Next Markets To Impose Pharma Serialization and Tracing?

The pharmaceutical markets that currently have a serialization and/or tracing regulation on the books include the United States, the European Union, China, Brazil, India, Italy, Turkey, South Korea, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.  Not all are fully operational yet, but they are official.  This list may be about to grow by two. The Eurasian Economic

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5 thoughts on “The Next Markets To Impose Pharma Serialization and Tracing?”

  1. Look out for Tender Requirements for the Mesoamerican area…. Costa Rica should apparentlly be ongoing

  2. Thanks Dirk! These are two markets we need to watch closely for any future publications.
    It is my understanding that we will not be able to use AI 713 for the Russian Market as I believe this AI is specific to Brazil ANVISA (as per pg. 183 of GS1 gen spec V15). I don’t believe an NHRN AI has been specified by GS1 yet for the Russian market.

    1. Kevin,
      Thanks for your clarification. I did not realize that GS1 intends to produce a specific NHRN AI for every country that needs one. That could result in about 130 different AI’s in the extreme, and I would not be surprised if we see this approach catch on everywhere. I will update the essay to remove the reference to a specific AI for the NHRN. Thanks again!


  3. DIrk,

    If HF/NFC tags were cheap enough; i.e., < one cent, and available in virtually unlimited quantities, given all the ancillary uses and benefits of their RF functionality, why would they not be preferred to virtually any other symbology?

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