Will EPCIS Event Exchange Replace EDI ASNs for DSCSA Someday?

The use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) in the U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain has expanded over the last year, due entirely to its recognition by the FDA as a valid method for passing the Transaction Information (TI), Transaction History (TH), and Transaction Statements (TS) as required by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). 

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One thought on “Will EPCIS Event Exchange Replace EDI ASNs for DSCSA Someday?”

  1. Other than Pilots, I do not see trading partners investing resources to switch to EPCIS Event exchange until prior to 2023 deadline. Who knows what else will change by then!

    In my opinion, switching from EDI ASN to EPCIS will be the easy part(the systems will handle it). The challenging part will be the Capturing of the serial numbers upon shipment and receipt at every stage of the supply chain. Inference, the importance of aggregation accuracy will be the key to success. The additional burden of capturing serial numbers will be key factor for delaying the use of EPCIS.

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