Sponsored: IQPC: The Biggest Challenges Preparing For The DSCSA

Kevan MacKenzie, Director of Serialization Technology at McKesson

Kevan MacKenzie, Director of Serialization Technology at McKesson, is arguably the leading expert on the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirements for wholesale distributors, and interactions with their trading partners.  IQPC recently interviewed Mr. MacKenzie to get his perspectives on the biggest challenges companies face when preparing for the DSCSA.

MacKenzie’s insights will help drug manufacturers ensure that they meet DSCSA barcode and data exchange requirements that wholesalers receive.  That includes actual regulatory requirements as well as business requirements that result from those regulatory requirements.  He discusses saleable returns, the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) Verification Router Service (VRS), barcode contents, data exchange interoperability after 2023 and other topics.

Download the Full interview with Mr. MacKenzie here.

Mr. MacKenzie is just one of the many industry veterans that IQPC has lined up to speak at the IQPC Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum.  And the DSCSA is just one of the regulations that will be discussed at the Forum.  In fact, regulations from around the globe will be discussed.

Keeping abreast of the many deadlines around the world, let alone the specific requirements, is harder than it seems.  Just in time, IQPC provides us with the opportunity to get up-to-date with the latest deadlines and requirements in their Fall Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum.

This year the IQPC Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum will be held in Philadelphia on November 28-30 and will feature speakers with experience meeting the challenge of every deadline and requirement.  In one place, you can hear their presentations, and then ask questions to get the knowledge you need for your specific products and your specific global markets.

It’s remarkable how frequently countries change their dates and their requirements.  What was known in March for China, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Malaysia, and other markets, is not the same as what we know now.  All of these markets have changed their requirements and/or deadlines in some way since then.  And by late November, the EU could make significant adjustments to their deadline and/or requirements, given the slow progress in industry readiness.  The industry veterans speaking at the Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum will know all the specifics, and will know the best strategies for dealing with the dynamic regulatory landscape we all face.

Click here for a copy of the Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum agenda.

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