Sponsored: Dispenser Perspectives On The DSCSA: An IQPC Interview

Many RxTrace readers have a fairly good understanding of the perspective of drug manufacturers and wholesale distributors regarding the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and its implementation, but dispenser perspectives are not so well understood.  Enter IQPC who interviewed Brian Files, Principal Consultant with Healthcare Strategies Consulting Group and former Director, Inventory and Compliance with CVS Health, one of the largest chain pharmacies in the US, to find out his perspectives on the DSCSA.

Many of you know Mr. Files as CVS Health’s former representative at DSCSA meetings and events over the last several years.  Through his work at CVS Health, he has developed a keen understanding of the regulation and how it will likely apply to dispenser business models.

In the video below, IQPC asks Mr. Files to provide his thoughts on a number of important DSCSA topics.  His dispenser perspective is made clear in his answers, which are illuminating, to say the least.  People from upstream segments in the supply chain should listen carefully to his responses.  Don’t dismiss what he says so quickly.  From my observation, his perspective is very common among dispensers in-the-know.

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