InBrief: Pharma Supply Chain Criminals Get Justice, Part 2

Ed Silverman has just raised my awareness in his Pharmalot blog for today that the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the first physician has pleaded guilty to purchasing illegal foreign drugs in the counterfeit Avastin series of crimes from earlier this year.  That’s swift justice and I love it.  Apparently there are more to come.  Hopefully it will serve to remind all physicians that they need to only buy from licensed and legitimate sources.  Their patient’s lives depend their knowledge and skills… but also on their pharmaceutical buying practices

Rather than repeat Ed and WSJ, just go read the articles yourself by clicking here:

Next week I will attend the 7th Global Forum on Pharmaceutical AntiCounterfeiting and Diversion in Washington DC.  The week after that I will attend the California Board of Pharmacy Enforcement meeting in LA, then take a red-eye flight to Philadelphia to attend the Bio/Pharmaceutical Trade and Channel Strategies Conference.  If you will attend any of these events, make sure you look me up.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!