The HDA Bar Code Quick Start Guide For Meeting The DSCSA And Other FDA Regulations

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) (formerly HDMA) published their highly anticipated “Guidelines for Bar Coding in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, Quick Start Guide” a few weeks ago.  Do yourself a favor and stop reading this essay right now, click on the link and download your copy and read it.  It is free, and it is essential

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One thought on “The HDA Bar Code Quick Start Guide For Meeting The DSCSA And Other FDA Regulations”

  1. Pages 10 and 11 of the quick Start guide concerning case labels confuses me. There are two examples provided: (1) homogeneous full case label and (2) partial case label. Am I correct in interpreting this as meaning that for every batch of pharmaceutical product produced, I will deploy 2 different case labels (All labels but one in one serialized GTIN format, and 1 in an SSCC format)?
    If so – I’ve got to figure out how to handle this in my serialization system line recipes/formats (multiple label formats at one rank for a Production Order)

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