DSCSA: Transaction History

This is the second in a series of essays about data exchange components required by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) beginning next January.  Last week’s essay was about DSCSA Transaction Information (TI).  On the surface, Transaction History (TH) looks simple.  The DSCSA, which is Title II of the Drug Quality and Security Act

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One thought on “DSCSA: Transaction History”

  1. This post and your recent Healthcare Packaging article about the long term possibilities for AIDC call to mind the fact that pharma suppliers are sometimes being asked by regulators to follow their drugs into paients’ hands. Pharma is being asked to provide real world data and to manage the risks associated with patient self administration.

    Specialty pharma manufacturers may wish to use serialization to their commercial advantage and track their products to the PT. This would allow them to offer services directly to the PT, improve outcomes and have real world data to prove the benefit of their drug to payers.
    Smart application of DSCSA rules can have broad-reaching advantages to all stakeholders beyond compliance.

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