Sponsored: From Serialization to Full Traceability: 2018 Outlook On Compliance

In just two months, pharmaceuticals entering the US pharma supply chain through drug manufacturers will be serialized according to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).  It’s already been a long journey, but this is only the beginning.  Companies can’t even take a break.  In just one year the wholesale distributor saleable returns requirement will force manufacturers to either capture aggregation data or connect to a Verification Router Service (VRS)—or both!  The year after that, dispenser requirements will lead to even more verification requests coming through.  And then just three years later, the biggest deadline of them all—the Enhanced Drug Distribution Security (EDDS) phase—will arrive.

So many decisions need to be made between now and then, both within each company, and by the industry as a whole.  To make the right choices—and to participate effectively in helping the industry make the right choices—each company needs experts.  They need their employees to understand the DSCSA and the overall operation of the supply chain, beyond just their individual segment.  The changes that are coming will affect the operation of the entire organization.  Operational efficiencies will come through different means than they have in the past, and that means profitability will shift too.  You won’t get there with just one expert in IT or Quality and Regulatory.  It will take experts in every department across the organization.

Just in time, IQPC has published a new free online tool for understanding what it will take to develop the experts every company in the supply chain will rely on in the coming years.  It’s called “From Serialization To Full Traceability:  2018 Outlook to Compliance”, and it is a model of top-down design.  Users can browse the coming deadlines and zoom in to see the issues and decisions needed to comply with it.  The end result is a breakdown of their next Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum sessions that will provide the expertise necessary to understand the issues and develop the expertise necessary to meet them.

Don’t try to enter the future of DSCSA without people who know what they are talking about.  The IQPC Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum features speakers from all segments, and vendors, with deep industry and DSCSA expertise.  Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in sessions presented by industry DSCSA veterans, and then the opportunity to meet with these experts and vendors to get answers to your own specific questions during the breaks.

The IQPC Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum will be held in Philadelphia, PA on November 28-30, 2018, and it is an excellent opportunity for companies to educate their leaders, department heads and/or future expert workers.  Sponsorship opportunities are going fast so don’t delay.  Request a sponsorship prospectus here.  To see a past attendee list, click here.