Pelotonia 2012…180 Miles!

I missed my self-imposed Monday deadline for an RxTrace essay this week because I am still recovering from the Pelotonia cancer research fundraiser bike ride that I participated in over the weekend.  This year I roused the necessary donations, plus my own contributions, to be able to ride the full 180 miles over the two day event.

I have ridden in the Pelotonia since its inception four years ago and I can say beyond a doubt that this year’s weather was the best we have had.  In fact, it was down right chilly on Saturday morning.  Sunday was sunny and nicely warm without ever being hot.  The winds were very favorable too on both days.

The biking event is a well thought out way of breaking the ice toward donating money that directly funds cancer research and treatment.  Everyone will eventually benefit from the results of this research.  Almost everyone is impacted by cancer of one type or another, either personally or through someone they know and love.

I’ll throw in one more pitch this year for donating to a great cause.  Those of us in the healthcare industry should maintain a lower threshold to giving to a cause like this.

Pelotonia will take your contributions to this year’s campaign through mid-October.  If you’d like to donate, you can do so through my Pelotonia rider page.  Thanks…and pat yourself on the back because you will benefit from your own donation someday (see my essay, “The Good News About Cancer Treatments” for more on that).  Consider it an investment in your future treatment or that of a loved one.


Unlike many forms of cancer, I understand from Eddie Cochran that there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.  Fortunately I don’t have that affliction, but anyway, summertime is just about over.  And yes, I am still studying the FDA’s UDI proposed rule and I will write about it in the coming weeks.  Donate, and then stay tuned.  If RxTrace can’t cure your blues then maybe the end of summertime will.