The Future Of RxTrace

RXTRACE_LOGO_Trans_300x113When I created RxTrace almost six years ago my goal was to introduce and explore new ideas and opinions I had about technology issues related to regulatory compliance within the pharmaceutical supply chain. (see my first essay that explains this purpose:  “Welcome to rxTrace”).  Hopefully my loyal readers will agree that I have accomplished exactly that, many times.  Later, when I struck out on my own as an independent consultant, RxTrace also generated leads which led to new consulting engagements.  It served to attract potential clients and introduce them to my background and thoughts.

However, recently I have concluded that working as a solo consultant is not for me and I would rather return to working as part of a team.  I am now seeking employment opportunities where I would be able to contribute to a team and continue writing publicly.  The ideal position would enable me to continue the same kind of writing I have done on RxTrace, though this time it would draw attention to my employer’s website, and ultimately to their products and services.

Aside from writing, I am able to fill a wide variety of other roles including pharma supply chain and regulatory compliance subject matter expert, sales and marketing support (including social media expertise), product and solution architecture, and education of salespeople, developers and customers.  I am generally an effective communicator.  In addition to writing RxTrace and my eBook “The Drug Supply Chain Security Act Explained”, I am frequently invited to speak at conferences and have done quite a few webinars (see the webinar series that Riya Cao of LSPediA and I completed most recently).

After corresponding and interacting with readers of RxTrace, I know there is a huge diversity of companies out there that have a stake in the same things that interest me.  What I do not know is which companies are looking for—or could benefit from—someone with my skills and knowledge.  I am not just a writer, but I view writing as an important way of thinking and exploring new ideas (see my essay “Writing Is Thinking. For Example, Ken Traub”).  That’s why I want to continue to write.

I am also an engineer, which means I like technology and solving problems.  Meeting global supply chain challenges—including meeting regulatory requirements and increasing efficiencies—through cost-effective application of technology is the core of what I want to be a part of.  In particular, I am seeking to help a company with a product or service I can believe in, to better position itself in the global pharma supply chain market.

I am willing to explore any potential opportunity, including with companies that are inside or are targeting the supply chain.

If you would like to discuss a potential role with your organization, want a copy of my CV/resume, or just want to brainstorm about how I might fit into your organization, please contact me at or call me at 630-839-9177 (Central time zone).  In the mean time, here is my LinkedIn profile and my Twitter feed.

Loyal readers, please be aware that I may, or may not be forced to stop writing RxTrace in the coming months as the result of my potential job change.  I will keep you informed about the results of my job search.  Until then, I will continue to write and post.  The number of topics that need to be explored continues to increase!

Thanks for reading.


9 thoughts on “The Future Of RxTrace”

  1. Dear Dirk

    If so, we will miss you greatly….. But as one consultant to the other, I can only give you my best of wishes. I sincerely hope you’ll still be able to share your valuable opinions with the rest of us, going forward. Been a constant reader since 2009/10 I believe…..

    Best Regards….Lars

  2. Dirk,
    I have enjoyed reading your essays and value your opinions of serialization, RFID and securing the pharma supply chain. And, while literary contributions to this website may be limited going forward – your future won’t be.

    Best of luck and Thank you,


  3. Your writitng has provided great service to the industry. Many hope it will continue. Hope to see you again in Baltimore and elsewhere.

    In part because of your coverage, the Dental industry was on the Hill last week supporting elements of the 21st Centur Cures Act.

  4. Dirk,
    I’ll miss the RxTrace essays. They serve and will continue to serve as concise and unbiased reference to the issues and problems in the pharma supply chain. Best wishes on future endeavors.


  5. Dirk,

    I don’t see it as farewell but rather as the embarking on a new and exciting chapter. This space, that we all love, is an increasingly growing area and it will surely continue to see more and more of you… Thank you for your invaluable service. Watch this space….

  6. Whenever I needed to accomplish a task I did not particularly like, I got into the habit of saving your latest article for later that day as a little but joyful reward.
    I’m sure you will bring the same joy to the people in your future job.


  7. Hi Dirk

    I know exactly what you are experiencing. I have been consulting now for 4 years and at times, I think I would rather work but of course not full time. I do miss getting up to go to work and the daily conversations. Never can tell what will happen in the future. No matter, you did make a difference and hope you do well what ever you elect to do.


  8. Dirk
    Thanks for your work so far. You have always been required reading and I’m sure will continue to be a leading voice whatever you decide to do. Thanks also for your unstinting support of others in the field, including me.
    Best, Mark

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