Sponsored: Interview With Two Pharma Supply Chain Thought Leaders

iqpc-nov16-336x280The 4th Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum will occur on November 30 through December 2 in Philadelphia.  Two of the top speakers will be Matt Sample, Senior Director, Secure Supply Chain from AmerisouceBergen, one of the “Big-3” wholesale distributors in the United States, and Christopher Howell, Senior Director, Global Engineering and Technology from Patheon, one of the largest pharma contract manufacturers in the U.S..  Recently, IQPC conducted an interview of both of these supply chain thought leaders.  Get a copy of the interviews here.

As the pharmaceutical industry prepares itself for serialization, many questions arise in regards to best practices that will ensure product traceability throughout the supply chain and compliance on an international scale.  In particular, manufacturers have expressed concern about how their contract partners are preparing for and planning to meet the 2017 DSCSA deadline and what they can do to help them along.  Aside from supply chain partner readiness, the decision to aggregate serialized product prior to 2023 is a top area of interest.  IQPC is leaning on the expert opinions of top pharmaceutical professionals for further clarification on these pain points.

During the Forum, Mr. Sample will discusses aggregation challenges, possible solutions, and hitting DSCSA deadlines.  He will elaborate on these ideas and more at this year’s Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum.  Mr. Howell will shares his views on serialization and CMO integration, including some of the top challenges, possible explanations for increasing supply chain efficiency, and anticipated issues past 2017.  Like Mr. Sample and other distinguished speakers, he will also present at the Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum.