The Best Laid Plans…

I attended the California Board of Pharmacy Enforcement Committee meeting last week and several topics came up that I want to write about.  Unfortunately I’ve been doing a lot of traveling since then and all of a sudden I started having computer problems a few days ago.  My youngest daughter is getting married next month and so the family met up in Chicago this past weekend for several of the events leading up to the big one.  There is more travel scheduled for this week.

Travel doesn’t normally interfere with my ability to write on a deadline, but add computer problems on top of that and things degenerate quickly.  I am posting this essay through my Android smartphone from my hotel room in Moline Illinois.  Even the hotel business center computers are having internet problems.  So in place of a normal topic I will lay out a short list of topics that I hope to write about in the coming weeks.

The most important topic will cover an exchange like the one I documented after the December 4, 2012 Enforcement meeting.  This time it was a Q&A between Josh Room and Bob Celestial of GS1 US.  It was “transcript-worthy” so I need to wait until the meeting video is made public.

Also at this meeting, the board staff handed out some draft text for regulations on several topics that they are looking for comments on.  The topics include ePedigree Certification (one of my favorite subjects), Inference and Inspections.  I’ve skimmed through the text and I already have a number of thoughts about the topics.  Should be an interesting essay or two in there.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the future of the National Drug Code system for identifying drugs in the United States and I have just about concluded that it is time for radical change.  I’ll let you know what I’ve got in mind in a future essay.

I keep a notebook and one of the things I have found is that whenever an idea strikes me I need to drop everything and write it down immediately.  If I don’t, I end up forgetting the idea–sometimes within seconds.  What it results in is an occasional disconnected note in the middle of normal notes about a meeting or conference call.  I have a fair number of notes for future RxTrace essays at any given time.

So stay tuned.  Lots of interesting topics coming up.  Now I just need to figure out why my computer’s WiFi capability stopped working after using the in-flight WiFi system on a plane last Friday.  It worked great on the plane but hasn’t worked since.  Ugh.