Return Of Two Classics

Today I am republishing one of my long lost classic essays, “Who Will Decide Which Pedigree Model You Will Invest In?“.  This essay was first published on November 15, 2010 but was removed from public view in December of that year.  Next week I will republish the second long lost essay, “Standards and Guidance For U.S. Pharma Supply Chain Technology“, originally published on November 22, 2010.  Both of these essay contain my thoughts on how the industry will eventually resolve the current confusion over which approach to ePedigree everyone in the U.S. supply chain should take.  Check them out and see if Continue reading Return Of Two Classics

Who Will Decide Which Pedigree Model You Will Invest In?

[This essay is one of two long lost essays that have now been restored on RxTrace.  It was originally published on November 15, 2010.  See “Return Of Two Classics” for an explanation.]

In one of my most widely read essays, “RFID is DEAD…At Unit-Level in Pharma”, I pointed out that the choice of serial number carrier technology to be used for compliance with the California Pedigree Law would be decided solely by the pharmaceutical manufacturers.  I pointed out that most of them would end up choosing 2D barcodes because their ongoing costs for Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) would be too high.

Since the law doesn’t specify a carrier technology, and because the manufacturers will foot the bill for whatever technology is used, naturally, they get to lead the supply chain in that choice.  If you don’t like what they are choosing, then please, step up and pay them to put your preferred carrier technology on their packages.  I’m sure the manufacturer’s would put whatever you want to pay for on their packages as long as it would comply with the law.

But what about the pedigree model that the supply chain will use for compliance?  Can we apply similar logic to determine who will get to choose the technology that defines what a compliant pedigree is?  Yes we can!  And here it is. Continue reading Who Will Decide Which Pedigree Model You Will Invest In?

The Good News About Cancer Treatments

Photo by Tony Basa

I haven’t had cancer yet, but according to the American Cancer Society there is a 45% chance that I will contract some form of it before the end of my life.  The same goes for you if you are a male.  For women, the statistics aren’t quite so bad.  You have “only” a 38% chance of contracting cancer before the end of your life.

On the other hand, the Mayo Clinic encourages us to view these statistics very carefully.

“Just because studies have found that men have a nearly 50 percent chance of developing cancer in their lifetimes doesn’t mean that your risk, if you’re a man, is 50 percent. Your individual risk is based on many different factors, such as your age and habits, your family history of cancer, and the environment in which you live.”

Well said.  I would add that it also greatly depends on if you, or someone close to you, uses tobacco or not.  The point is, some of us have a much lower risk of developing cancer and others have a much higher risk than these averages indicate.

For many people, looking at their family history regarding cancer can be scary, but it is the first step Continue reading The Good News About Cancer Treatments

Announcing, Dirk Rodgers Consulting, LLC

After a month of intensive preparations I can now finally announce that I will leave my current employer on July 27, 2012, and on the following Monday I will open the books on Dirk Rodgers Consulting, LLC.  As many of you know, I have filled the role of Sr. Consultant in an full-time internal position at my employer for the last 3 1/2 years.  I will now be able to help clients navigate the same intersection between the pharmaceutical supply chain, track and trace technology, standards and regulatory compliance that I have written about for the last three years.

Over those three years I have been approached by a number of companies who were looking for quality help with their special problems in this realm but I was forced to turn them down or refer them to other consultants because I already had a full time job.  From now on I will be able to offer my own expertise instead.

I have pulled together a new website to market my services at  So far it is pretty minimal but through the fall I intend to expand the information it contains and establish more formal offerings.  If you know of someone in need of help with knowledge and strategy in the areas I write about, please refer them to either or


The creation of Continue reading Announcing, Dirk Rodgers Consulting, LLC

Three Years of Heat and Light

I published my first essay on RxTrace three years ago on July 4, 2009 (see “Welcome to rxTrace”).  It took just two days after that first essay became visible on the internet before people were finding it through search engines and Google Alerts, a remarkable feature of self-publishing.  Since then I have published over a hundred essays on a wide range of topics exploring the intersection between the pharmaceutical supply chain, track and trace technology, standards and regulatory compliance.

This past year the number of people reading RxTrace regularly have more than doubled (see “The Abrupt Surge of Interest in Serialization and ePedigree Topics”).  That is a reflection of the steady march of time toward the effective dates of the California Pedigree law and other serialization mandates around the world, but it is also, I hope, a reflection of the type of writing about these subjects and perspectives that you can’t find anywhere else.

This year the most popular essay was “How Counterfeit Avastin Penetrated the U.S. Supply Chain”, which is the first essay to Continue reading Three Years of Heat and Light