2 thoughts on “Serial Number Bonding”

  1. Dirk, this was a particularly insightful essay. Let’s hope it fosters closer cooperation between OPEN-SCS and GS1 in pursuit of more comprehensive EPCIS support of “primitives”. At the least you have clearly articulated for your readers the fact of pre-commission “bonding” events that ought to be widely understood and agreed (standardized) and uniformly captured and recorded, ideally within the framework of EPCIS. It seems to me that such an enhanced EPCIS model, with its robust support for “primitives” and process documentation at the “bonding” level would certainly enhance the overall GS1 system. Whether “bonding” is separate from and then subsequent to “Identify” is something I’m not sure I agree with but I’m all in on “Identify, Capture, Share, and USE!”

    1. George,
      Right. It is not important for GS1 to add “Bonding” to their list of buckets, but it is vital that they recognize the importance of the bonding processes and the need to include pre-commissioning events to help those who make it happen.

      Thanks for your insights.

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