DSCSA Uniqueness: SNI vs SGTIN

In case you didn’t see my note at the end of my essay a few weeks ago, I am publishing new, free-to-everyone, RxTrace essays, one per month, on the Center For Supply Chain Studies (C4SCS) community website under the “Tune In | Monthly Slice of RxTrace” heading.  In fact, there are now two new essays there.  I’m finding that they are getting little notice there, so I have decided to post short intro essays, like this one, here on RxTrace.com whenever I post a new essay on the C4SCS website.  That way everyone here will get notified and can easily find them with a single click.

October’s essay is quite good.  It discusses the differences between the SGTIN that drug manufacturers put on their packages and the SNI that the DSCSA requires them to put there, and the implications of those differences.  It’s a very timely topic, I think you’ll agree.

These “Monthly Slice of RxTrace” essays are intended to be no different than those I publish here on RxTrace.com, so don’t miss them.  And while you’re there, check out the other great content on the C4SCS website.  It’s a place for dialog and debate surrounding all things supply chain.  And the site is curated by our good friend Bob Celeste.  I’m proud to be a part of their work.

Click here to read, “DSCSA Uniqueness: SNI vs SGTIN“.


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