Pharma Serialization ROI

Over the last few years I’ve taken part in many conversations that touched on the question of how to achieve a Return On Investment (ROI) with serialization in the pharmaceutical supply chain.  It seems intuitive that there should be an ROI because serial numbers provide increased data granularity and accuracy, but those characteristics in themselves do not guarantee a positive return.

For that, you must figure out a way to take advantage of those things in a way that increases productivity through decreased errors and reduced physical handling.  Serialization might do that if you can increase the amount of automation in supply chain operations within your own facilities.  Without automatic serial number reading and material handling, dealing with serial numbers will likely have the opposite effect on productivity.

Another way to take advantage of mass serialization of pharmaceuticals in the supply chain is to use it to help automate certain existing business processes between trading partners.  Whenever it is valuable to Continue reading Pharma Serialization ROI