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The Future of RxTrace Has Arrived

RXTRACE_LOGO_Trans_300x113You may recall my essay back in April I called “The Future Of RxTrace”.  Here is an update.  I am still an independent consultant, and I have decided to continue writing RxTrace, no matter what else I end up doing—whether I stay as a consultant, or get a job somewhere.  It has to allow me to continue to publish RxTrace.

But I have also decided that I can no longer Continue reading The Future of RxTrace Has Arrived

Six Years of RxTrace

Physcial GraffitiThis is the sixth anniversary of the beginning of RxTrace and over that time I have published 325 essays.  Pageviews and subscribers to RxTrace have continued to rise the entire time.  I thank you all for that because I enjoy writing (and thinking), and without you as readers, I would not be able to do it.

Many people have asked what led me to start RxTrace in the first place?  In fact, there were three people who contributed to that decision. Continue reading Six Years of RxTrace

The Future Of RxTrace

RXTRACE_LOGO_Trans_300x113When I created RxTrace almost six years ago my goal was to introduce and explore new ideas and opinions I had about technology issues related to regulatory compliance within the pharmaceutical supply chain. (see my first essay that explains this purpose:  “Welcome to rxTrace”).  Hopefully my loyal readers will agree that I have accomplished exactly that, many times.  Later, when I struck out on my own as an independent consultant, RxTrace also generated leads which led to new consulting engagements.  It served to Continue reading The Future Of RxTrace

2014 RxTrace Reader Survey

iStock_000016599766SmallerPlease respond to this very brief survey and enter to win a single user license to “The Drug Supply Chain Security Act Explained” by Dirk Rodgers.  One lucky winner will be selected from the respondents who voluntarily leave their contact info by close of business on July 27, 2014.  Tell me what you like and what could be improved on Rxtrace.  Click on this link to begin:

Thanks for reading, and thanks for helping to make RxTrace a better resource. Continue reading 2014 RxTrace Reader Survey

Five Years of Pharma Supply Chain Analysis

Led_Zeppelin_-_Houses_of_the_HolyLast Friday was the five year anniversary of RxTrace and this is the 255th essay.  I started RxTrace on July 4, 2009 as an outlet for ideas (see my very first essay, “Welcome to rxTrace”).  The results of the last five years have been very rewarding.

Rather than looking back this year, let’s look to the future.  What is coming next?

I always maintain a fairly informal RxTrace list of ideas I want to explore when I get the chance.  With the switch in attention from the California pedigree law to the new Federal Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) in the last year, my list grew pretty long and continues to grow.  Here is a list of things I’ve been thinking about and may end up exploring in full RxTrace essays in the coming twelve months: Continue reading Five Years of Pharma Supply Chain Analysis

Rest Up, 2014 Will Be Very Busy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI really enjoy this time of year because business demands usually slow down enough to allow for me to catch up on some things I have neglected, review the year and do some planning for the coming year.  I always take time to backup my computers and clean out my email.  I do a lot of introspective thinking during the last two weeks of the year, and I normally like to do some writing that is way outside my normal fare.  This year I may not have time for some of that because we plan to spend a lot of time with our family.  I hope you are able to do that too.

Next year looks like it is going to be very busy for those who follow RxTrace because Continue reading Rest Up, 2014 Will Be Very Busy

Announcing The 2014 RxTrace U.S. Pharma Traceability Survey

iStock_000028920134XSmallWith the enactment of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act of 2013 (DSCSA) last week (see “It’s Official, President Obama Signs H.R. 3204, DQSA, Into Law“) I have decided to conduct an annual survey of U.S. pharma traceability preparedness.  You can fill out the survey by clicking on this link:  Take the 2014 RxTrace U.S. Pharma Traceability Survey Now.

The answers you provide anonymously will be aggregated to provide a view of the thinking of the industry, solution providers, regulators, academics and more, in addition to a view of the preparedness of the industry to meet the new federal pharmaceutical traceability law.  Please make sure your company is represented in the data that is collected.  The survey is Continue reading Announcing The 2014 RxTrace U.S. Pharma Traceability Survey

Four Years Of RxTrace

Led_Zeppelin_IV_This week marks the four year anniversary of RxTrace.  The first essay, published on July 4, 2009, said it all, “Welcome to rxTrace“.  And almost four years later I found myself yelling at the California Board of Pharmacy with my most recent essay, “Hey California Board of Pharmacy: Your Time Is Running Out!“.  In between there have been 177 other essays of varying topics and varying quality.  Thanks for sticking with me.

Readership has grown significantly over the last 1 1/2 years.  I don’t make readership numbers public because they probably aren’t as big as one might imagine, but the growth has been incredible.  RxTrace readers are people who are looking for information about pharma and medical device regulations and the technology solutions necessary to meet them.  I call it, “a comprehensive exploration of the intersection between the pharmaceutical (and medical devices) supply chains, track & trace technology, standards and regulatory compliance”.  That about sums it up, I think.

Here is a graph of Continue reading Four Years Of RxTrace