• Q1.  What is RxTrace About?

A1.  RxTrace is a compliance blog primarily about the DSCSA requirements in the US.

Q2.  I need compliance assistance, can i contact Rxtrace?

A2.  Yes!  You can contact the author through the “Contact Christian” page.

Q3.  Why are you writing this blog?

A3.  I really enjoy writing (perhaps too much, given the length of my essays) and I have a long history of applying computer technology to solve supply chain problems.  I have been a part of the dialog, brainstorming and debate of serialization and pedigree in the pharmaceutical supply chain since about 2003.  I have participated in many work groups.  From experience I was able to study the problem of applying modern software and database technology to compliance with pedigree and serialization regulations.  My hope is that this blog will serve as an educational tool for some and a source of ideas and debate for others.  It contains my opinions as they were at the time I wrote each post.  I reserve the right to change my mind on any topic, and if I do, I will write about it again and let you know.

Q4.  How can I reach you privately?

A4.  You can send me a private message through this page.

I will not quote anything from your private message without your permission so don’t worry about telling me what you really think.  I also encourage you to make public comments under one of my posts.  That’s the way to really get the debate going.

Q5.  Where do you get the ideas for your essays?

A5.  I actually have an oversupply of ideas for future posts at any one time.  I keep lists of them.  Some ideas are sent to me by my vast and amazing network of friends and supporters (thanks, by the way).  Others are just things that I think people are overlooking.  I usually start by doing a bunch of Google searches on the topic and reading.  That’s where I usually get some of the links I include in the final essay.  Eventually I get some time to sit down and write up a first draft.  Sometimes I discard the whole idea, sometimes I throw out the draft and start over, and sometimes I keep massaging it until I feel comfortable putting it out there for friends and strangers to read with my name on it.  It’s pretty intense.

Q6.  If I follow your blog, will I get to hear inside information from GS1 or the other organizations you participate in?

A6.  No.  I try very hard not to include content in my blog that is internal to GS1 and the other organizations I am a member of and  I try to use two sources:  my own thoughts, opinions and ideas, and public information I find on the internet.  If you believe I have crossed the line in any essay, please call me out on it, publicly or privately, and I will do my best to remove that information.  It is not my intent to reveal anything that is covered by non-disclosure agreements or IP Opt-in agreements.

…a comprehensive exploration of the intersection between healthcare supply chains, track and trace technology, standards and global regulatory compliance

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RxTrace, a comprehensive exploration of the intersection between healthcare supply chains, track and trace technology, standards and global regulatory compliance.
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