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Sponsored: The Season For Label Redesign

With the approach of pharma serialization deadlines all around the world, this is the season for label redesign.  The addition of new unique identifiers in 2D barcodes and human readable forms—often without removing existing linear barcodes—requires knowledge of the pharma labeling regulations in the target markets as well as artwork skills (see “DSCSA: Label Artwork Heartaches”).  The problem is, serialization doesn’t apply to just one product, it applies to all prescription drugs marketed in the target market.  That threatens to cause Continue reading Sponsored: The Season For Label Redesign

DSCSA: Label Artwork Heartaches

iStock_93803221_barcode.artOne of the surprising things about industry preparations for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is how hard it is to make label changes to add the new DSCSA product identifier barcode (see “The DSCSA Product Identifier On Drug Packages”).  The artwork changes necessary take a lot longer than everyone originally expected.  Companies with hundreds of different drug packages to redesign may have trouble getting all the work done by the November 27, 2017 deadline (2018 for repackagers).  If you have thousands of different packages, you had better have a large team working on the artwork changes right now.

What’s the problem?  All you need to do is Continue reading DSCSA: Label Artwork Heartaches