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Ranbaxy, FDA, FDASIA and Indian Pharma Credibility

ranbaxy_logoAmericans benefit from the safest drugs and the safest drug supply chain in the world.  That’s a good thing, because we also consume more drugs for more conditions than anyone else in the world.  And that is precisely why everyone in the United States should read Fortune Online’s new article covering the backstory that lead to the shocking May 13, 2013 guilty plea by Ranbaxy USA, the US subsidiary of the India-based generic drug maker, to seven U.S. federal criminal counts of selling substandard and adulterated drugs with intent to defraud.  Once you start reading the article, you won’t be able to stop, thanks to the skillful writing of Katherine Eban, author of “Dangerous Doses”.

The company admitted to falsifying drug test data for years and for hundreds of products sold worldwide.  I was stunned by how callous company employees—from the lowest levels to the CEOs themselves—could be over the quality of their drug products.  They seemed to believe that Continue reading Ranbaxy, FDA, FDASIA and Indian Pharma Credibility