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We Should Be Ashamed Of The U.S. Approach To Pharma Recalls

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That’s right.  We should all be ashamed of the way our supply chain handles drug recalls and we should do something about it.  I will explain, but first, what is a drug recall?

Today, when the manufacturer decides that a recall is necessary—either on their own or through a request by the FDA—they issue a recall for it.  The FDA website is a great resource for learning about what a recall is (see “What is a recall?”, and “FDA 101: Product Recalls – From First Alert to Effectiveness Checks” and their recalls homepage at “Drug Recalls”).

Recalls can be issued for a number of reasons including Continue reading We Should Be Ashamed Of The U.S. Approach To Pharma Recalls

PDUFA Will Not Include RxTEC

Politico.com reported today that the national track and trace addendum that many hoped would be made part of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) of 2012 was rejected by the U.S. House and Senate Conference Committee.  That committee is working on merging the differences between the versions adopted by the two Houses of Congress into a single bill.  See “’Track And Trace’ On Ice For Now” in Politico PULSE.

According to Politico, “The word emerged late Sunday night from congressional staffers working on the package who said a last-minute compromise effort failed to win the support of stakeholders, and a decision had been made to drop it — for now.”

Assuming there isn’t a last minute reconsideration, this means that the odds are now slim that a national regulation will preempt the California pedigree law before its effective dates.  The remaining chance comes from the fact that the industry is well organized and well represented by the Pharmaceutical Distribution Security Alliance (PDSA) and could decide to back the introduction of a stand-alone bill that contains the essence of the Pharmaceutical Traceability Enhancement Code (RxTEC) language that was part of the PDUFA negotiations, or some other proposal.  The success of such an approach likely depends on Continue reading PDUFA Will Not Include RxTEC