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More Thoughts On The Congressional Discussion Draft

You now have less than one week to provide a group of Congresspeople with your thoughts on their latest discussion draft for a bill that would attempt to make our U.S. drug supply chain less susceptible to criminal attacks and errors.  See my two earlier essays, “The Congressional Draft Proposal to Improve Drug Distribution Security” and “Congressional Legislation Development: Mad Libs Edition!” for more specifics.

Perhaps the aggressiveness of the response date is a reflection of how important this piece of proposed legislation is.  That is, if you think it is important, then you will immediately drop whatever it was you were doing and get right to the task of providing a detailed reply so they can make sure the final draft reflects your preferences.  I don’t know what you’ve been up to, but this is my third essay about it.  😉

There are still a few things that I wonder about. Continue reading More Thoughts On The Congressional Discussion Draft