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Bringing UDI and the Global UDI Database to Life

1491-125x125_Static_DatesRxTrace is proud to sponsor the 2014 UDI Implementation Workshop to be held in Baltimore on May 20-22.  The UDI Implementation Workshop is specifically for Class III medical device manufacturers who are in immediate need of information and guidance from the UDI experts at the FDA to meet their September 24, 2014 compliance deadline, and for those Class I and II Device manufacturers that need to jumpstart their UDI adoption efforts.

The FDA UDI Team will conduct a roll-up-your sleeves / deep-dive workshop covering all components of the UDI regulation and the Global UDI Database (GUDID) guidance.  This workshop is strictly focused on critical information exchange, expanded interaction, and heightened networking designed to deliver immediate and actual results in your UDI implementation initiative.  If you need to meet the September deadline, don’t miss this workshop.  It is perfectly timed to give you the boost you need to be ready on time. Continue reading Bringing UDI and the Global UDI Database to Life