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Sponsored: 2021 UDI Conference Has Been Rescheduled

This event has been rescheduled to April 12-13, 2021.

Calling all medical device manufacturers, distributors, GPO’s, Providers, and healthcare industry stakeholders to make plans now to be in Baltimore in ???! The 12th annual UDI Conference continues to be the platform for you to stay informed about the latest developments in UDI implementation, enabling technology, regulatory updates, Provider momentum, and Global expansion.

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Meet The Latest GS1 Key: The Global Model Number (GMN)

GS1 makes modifications and additions to their General Specifications every year—sometimes even twice a year.  The latest is version 19 and was published in January 2019.  The “GenSpecs” contain the full detailed definitions of every GS1 “key” and every GS1 barcode.  While it doesn’t contain the definitions of every GS1 standard, it is the catch-all specification for their traditional core—mostly barcode related—standards.  This is where GS1’s keys are defined, included the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN, Application Identifier, or AI = 01), Global Location Number (GLN), Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC, AI = 00), Global Returnable Asset Identifier (GRAI, AI = 8003) and all the others.  Last year (GenSpecs version 18) GS1 introduced their latest key, the Global Model Number (GMN, AI = 8013).  It’s an important addition, particularly for healthcare.  Let me explain.

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Sponsored: The Many Faces Of The FDA

MultiFacesWhy is there such a wide gap between the actions of the UDI face of the FDA and the DSCSA face?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency of the U.S. government that falls under the Department of Health and Human Services, which is under the leadership of the current Presidential Administration through a cabinet seat.  But it is also a concept, and the concept has been conceived, modified, adjusted, influenced and expanded—especially expanded—by many thousands of members of Congress that have served from 1906 to 2016.  It started as a nearly powerless monitoring agency in 1906 with the passage of the Federal Food and Drugs Act.  But in the aftermath of a number of widely-reported incidents of harm and deaths caused by cosmetics and medicines, the Congress passed the original Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act (FD&C) in 1938 and President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed it into law.

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FDA Considering A Delay Of A Small Part Of The UDI Rule

1622-468x60_AprilFor the second time this week, the FDA posted something related to the things I pay the most attention to.  Earlier this week it was about the DSCSA.  This time it was a draft guidance for comment on a proposed delay in enforcement of a small part of the Unique Device Identification (UDI) final rule.  I’ve seen a lot of mentions around the internet about this new FDA posting but none of them really explain it very well (including the FDA).  I’d like to take a stab.

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GS1 Publishes Version 16 Of Their General Specifications …And Why You Should Care

GS1_logoMedical device manufacturers have a choice of standards to use when identifying their products for the U.S. market.  The FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) rule allows them to select from any identification standards organization (referred to as a “number issuing” agency) that is accredited by the Agency for that purpose.  So far, three organizations have been FDA-accredited:  HIBCC, ICCBBA and GS1.

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Sponsored: The Best Source Of UDI Guidance

1573-125x125_June_aniEach year on September 24 the FDA Unique Device Identification (UDI) final rule applies to another set of medical devices in the United States.  That is the anniversary of the publication of the UDI final rule in 2013 (see “InBrief: FDA Publishes Final UDI Rule”).  This year on that date, the set of devices that must comply with the rule includes implantable, life-supporting and life-sustaining devices for the first time.  Manufacturers of those devices should be in the process of making the changes necessary to comply.  And so, it is time again for the best source of Continue reading Sponsored: The Best Source Of UDI Guidance

Drug-Device Combo Products Under State And Federal Pedigree Laws

Metered dose inhaler drug-device combination product
Metered dose inhaler drug-device combination product

Important Notice To Readers of This Essay On November 27, 2013, President Barack Obama signed the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013 into law. That act has many provisions, but one is to pre-empt all existing and future state serialization and pedigree laws like those that previously existed in California and Florida. Some or all of the information contained in this essay is about some aspect of one or more of those state laws and so that information is now obsolete. It is left here only for historical purposes for those wishing to understand those old laws and the industry’s response to them.Both the California ePedigree law and the potential federal pedigree law that currently exists within the womb that is H.R. 3204 contain an exemption for drug-device combination products.  This is an expanding category of products so this exemption is worthy of a closer look.

The drug-device combo product exemption language included in the California Business and Professions Code, 4034(g)(9), is almost identical to the language in H.R. 3204, 581(24)(B)(xii).  There is a reason for that.  They are both based on part of the FDA’s definition for a drug-device combination product, found in 21 CFR 3.2 (e). Continue reading Drug-Device Combo Products Under State And Federal Pedigree Laws

Eli Lilly: “Serialization Needs Standardization”

David Colombo of Eli LillyLast month, Eli Lilly posted a video about their serialization initiative on YouTube.  It features Grant Lindman, Manager of Lilly’s Global Anti-Counterfeiting Operations, and David Colombo, Commercial Implementation Leader of Lilly’s Global Serialization Program talking about their global serialization program.  It is worth a listen. Continue reading Eli Lilly: “Serialization Needs Standardization”