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E-Pedigree Vendor Selection

davidvsgoliathOn Friday after 5pm I received a call from a potential consulting client.  At least I thought that’s what they were.  It turned out, it was a headhunter looking for warm bodies to work on serialization and pedigree projects to fill a quota he has from the consulting arm of one of the big-4 accounting firms.  The people he’s looking for would probably work on projects under the direction of one of their long-term senior consultants.  I’m not looking for that kind of opportunity.

My impression is that this is a sign that we are entering the “Y2K” phase of the California E-pedigree deadlines.  That is, it is time for lots of “staff augmentation” companies to staff-up to offer “expertise” in droves. Continue reading E-Pedigree Vendor Selection

IBM Divests EPCIS and ePedigree Suite

According to the IBM website, IBM has sold its Infosphere Traceability Server (ITS) product to Frequentz, a company based in Los Altos, CA.

The IBM ITS webpage now states:

“Frequentz acquired the IBM InfoSphere Traceability Server in Oct 2, 2012. All future information regarding the InfoSphere Traceability Server products will be available from Frequentz.”

No other information about the sale was included.

This is stunning news considering the history of the ITS product, and because Continue reading IBM Divests EPCIS and ePedigree Suite