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Interoperability And The DSCSA

Divi-Divi tree Aruba.  Click image to enlarge.
Divi-Divi tree in Aruba. Click image to enlarge.

I just arrived home from a vacation in Aruba so I missed out on the winter weather many of you experienced last week.  Here are a few pictures to help warm you up!

While I was in Aruba I spent some time thinking about interoperability as it applies to the provisions of the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).  The text of the law uses the term “interoperable” multiple times with regard to the exchange of data between trading partners, but interestingly, it does not define the term.  That leaves the definition of the term up to the FDA.

Before we look at the FDA’s definition of “interoperable”, let’s Continue reading Interoperability And The DSCSA