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Serializing Product Groupings Under Global Regulations

A “product grouping” is any collection of saleable units of products that are bound together in some way.  They can be “bundles”, homogeneous or non-homogeneous cases, totes, pallets or something like these.  The pharma serialization regulations in some markets call out some of these groupings for special treatment, and some do not.  I’ll try to catalog what we know about product groupings in each of the current, known regulations. Continue reading Serializing Product Groupings Under Global Regulations

RxTrace Preview of 2016

It’s time to think about what is likely to happen in 2016 with regard to pharma serialization and traceability.  As part of that, let me remind you right off the top to fill out the 2016 RxTrace U.S. Pharma Traceability Survey, sponsored by Frequentz.  You don’t have to be a subscriber  to respond and the results will also be open to everyone in the coming months.

So what about 2016?  I think Continue reading RxTrace Preview of 2016

SAP Makes Bold Move Into Pharma Traceability

sap-erp-graphicLast week SAP announced the availability of their brand new software module they are calling “SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals”, or ATTP.  Pharmaceutical Commerce magazine published an article about it recently that provides the details of what is contained in this new module.  The same issue contained a sponsored article from SAP about the module.  As long-term readers of RxTrace know, I do not endorse specific products and I rarely even write about specific products.  This essay is not an endorsement— Continue reading SAP Makes Bold Move Into Pharma Traceability

InBrief: The Rx-360 Traceability Data Exchange Architecture White Paper

rx-360-logoLast week, Rx-360, a pharma supply chain consortium aimed at patient safety through a secure supply chain, quietly published the white paper on Traceability Data Exchange Architecture (TDEA) (see “Pharma Supply Chain Companies Organize To Establish Global Traceability Data Exchange Architecture”).

This is a new addition of major importance to the thin collection of public resources companies have available to understand the scope and the specifics of pharma serialization and traceability regulations around the world—and that’s just the first half of the document.  In fact, that half is so complete and well written that it should be downloaded and read immediately by anyone facing those regulations anywhere in the world…especially if Continue reading InBrief: The Rx-360 Traceability Data Exchange Architecture White Paper