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HDA’s 2017 Manufacturer Serialization Readiness Survey Results

There is a reason so many RxTrace essays have something to do with the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) (I won’t list them all, but here are two recent ones:  “HDA Traceability Seminar: RxTrace Future Topic List Explodes” and “HDA Schools FDA On DSCSA”).  It’s because they have their fingers in just about everything related to the US pharma supply chain’s preparation for compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).  HDA members are literally in the “center” of the supply chain, and the organization is at the center of many of the most important initiatives related to meeting the DSCSA, including their Origin master data sharing service (see “Dawn of HDA’s Origin, The Key to DSCSA Compliance”), their future Verification Router Service (VRS) (see “First Meeting of the HDA Verification Router Service Task Force”), and they hold the most important DSCSA conference every year (see “FDA Speaks About DSCSA At HDA”).  And their HDA Research Foundation now conducts the most important manufacturer DSCSA serialization readiness survey.  They just published the latest one.  Let’s take a look at it. Continue reading HDA’s 2017 Manufacturer Serialization Readiness Survey Results

DSCSA Serialization: What Wholesalers Expect

Image of McKesson's sign on their corporate headquarters building in San Francisco, CARecently, several of the larger U.S. wholesale distributors have sent letters to their suppliers to review what they expect from them relative to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).  You may recall that these companies have provided requirements in advance of earlier DSCSA deadlines (see “U.S. Drug Wholesale Distributors Provide Direction To Manufacturers“).  These expectations are aimed at the November 27, 2017 serialization requirements and beyond. Continue reading DSCSA Serialization: What Wholesalers Expect

HDMA DMC Serves Sizzling Steak With A Small Side Of Snake Oil

iStock_000043324250_SmallerAccording to the HDMA, their Distribution Management Conference and Expo in San Antonio last week broke the attendance record at more than 500 attendees, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why the number wasn’t double that amount.  When you compare the value you receive by attending this (or any) HDMA event with what you receive from any third-party event, well, there isn’t any comparison.  HDMA serves sizzling steak to their soggy puffed rice.  The reason is not just the quality of the speakers.  In fact, as “speakers”, they really aren’t any better at speaking than any other group of people, but it is who they are and what they know that makes the difference.  And just as important, who else is in the audience that makes these events so special.  It’s not just what is going on in the sessions, but it is who you meet and what you learn in the hallways and networking breaks between sessions.  I’ve said this before (see “Terminology: Track and Trace, and Pedigree”). Continue reading HDMA DMC Serves Sizzling Steak With A Small Side Of Snake Oil

U.S. Drug Wholesale Distributors Provide Direction To Manufacturers

Providing "direction"Over the next few years, the U.S. drug wholesale distributors are going to start dictating their specific requirements related to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) to their suppliers.  For the “Big 3” U.S. wholesale distributors, those suppliers happen to be nearly every drug manufacturer who markets drugs in the United States.  The “Big 3” include McKesson, AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal Health, which together distribute about 85% of all drugs that pass through the domestic supply chain.

Of course, each segment has Continue reading U.S. Drug Wholesale Distributors Provide Direction To Manufacturers

Thank You Ron Bone!

Bone Ron Prototype 1
Ron Bone

Well over 18 months ago I learned that Ron Bone was stepping down as SVP of Distribution Support at McKesson.  He immediately became a solo consultant and was engaged directly with McKesson again, but this time he filled a part-time role.  This was Ron’s way of staying connected with the activities at McKesson related to meeting the federal Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) which was on its journey toward enactment, and it was McKesson’s way of maintaining continuity in those efforts.  Win-win.

Ron originally intended to fully retire last July…then December…and now, someday.  Does anyone think it will happen this time?  Frankly, I hope not.  I think Ron is having too much fun, and everyone in the industry who knows him enjoys having Ron engaged as much as he is willing.  So take your time Ron.  No need to rush.

Like Bob Celeste, who departed GS1 US last month after serving as the lead traceability facilitator and motivator for the U.S. pharma supply chain (see “Thank You Bob Celeste!”), Ron was Continue reading Thank You Ron Bone!