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DSCSA Serialization: What Wholesalers Expect

Image of McKesson's sign on their corporate headquarters building in San Francisco, CARecently, several of the larger U.S. wholesale distributors have sent letters to their suppliers to review what they expect from them relative to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).  You may recall that these companies have provided requirements in advance of earlier DSCSA deadlines (see “U.S. Drug Wholesale Distributors Provide Direction To Manufacturers“).  These expectations are aimed at the November 27, 2017 serialization requirements and beyond. Continue reading DSCSA Serialization: What Wholesalers Expect

HDMA DMC Serves Sizzling Steak With A Small Side Of Snake Oil

iStock_000043324250_SmallerAccording to the HDMA, their Distribution Management Conference and Expo in San Antonio last week broke the attendance record at more than 500 attendees, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why the number wasn’t double that amount.  When you compare the value you receive by attending this (or any) HDMA event with what you receive from any third-party event, well, there isn’t any comparison.  HDMA serves sizzling steak to their soggy puffed rice.  The reason is not just the quality of the speakers.  In fact, as “speakers”, they really aren’t any better at speaking than any other group of people, but it is who they are and what they know that makes the difference.  And just as important, who else is in the audience that makes these events so special.  It’s not just what is going on in the sessions, but it is who you meet and what you learn in the hallways and networking breaks between sessions.  I’ve said this before (see “Terminology: Track and Trace, and Pedigree”). Continue reading HDMA DMC Serves Sizzling Steak With A Small Side Of Snake Oil

Identification Of Pharma Cases In The U.S.

5 BoxesLast week I discussed controversy over the use of GS1’s Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) in the Brazil pharma supply chain to meet regulatory requirements imposed by ANVISA.  But there are different controversies, or at least potential confusion, in the U.S. pharma supply chain surrounding case labels, and some of those are relate to the SSCC and its use.

A case product identification label is the label a manufacturer usually places on each homogeneous case at case-packing time to identify what is inside the corrugated box.  A “homogenous case” is a case that Continue reading Identification Of Pharma Cases In The U.S.